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Personal Training

I offer Personal Training specialising in helping Women incorporate strength training into their lives.

Pilates 1:1 Sessions for all. 

Personal Training 

I offer Personal Training specialising in working with women of all ages. 

I am passionate about helping women become more active in their busy lives and Personal Training can be just the thing that gets you started on a active journey. 

Strength training can be hugely beneficial to all ages & abilities but strength training and its benefit to women has been undervalued for years, often favouring endless cardio instead (not saying cardio isn't beneficial but variety is the spice of life). Strength or resistance training involves using either your body weight and or weight lifting equipment (resistance bands, dumbbells, barbells) in your work out to build strength & endurance. We often perceive strength training with only strengthening our muscles however strength training is incredible for stronger bones which is essential for warding off a very very common condition: osteoporosis. Strength training increases bone density & can reduce our risk of osteoporosis.


Further to the very beneficial reduced risk of osteo, strength training can: 

  • Strengthen the muscles;

  • Reduce body fat & build muscle mass (along with good nutrition);

  • Improve posture & balance;

  • Improved confidence & mental well-being;

  • Feeling strong! 

  • Combating natural loss of bone density;

Strength training doesn't have to be extreme or complicated. Working with a personal trainer can help you learn & perform strength training moves effectively & safely. Instagram will have you thinking it's difficult and out of reach. Endless 'beginner', 'glutes', 'arms' workouts or routines that Instagram tell you you NEED to be doing. The reality is, if trainers on Instagram showed you their work out, it would be boring as it is probably a very similar routine of strength exercises. If it's on Instagram, it's because it looks 'cool' for the gram and not because you need to be doing it. Also fitness doesn't have one 'look'. We may feel we have been given an overarching physical goals by the fitness industry such as 'tone up', 'weight loss 'spot reduce areas' 'extreme transformations' as a lot of marketing is pointed to this. These are absolutely valid goals but they take time and it is also OK to focus on goals or experience the following benefits of; 'I am managing my chronic illness', 'I have so much energy', 'my anxiety has reduced', 'my back pain flares have reduced', 'I cycled to work without stopping!', 'I can keep up with my kids/grand kids. We don't have to be extreme, just consistent and we will create an incredible lifestyle for the long run. 

Sessions for mobile sessions start at £30 for a single session, however I can do value packages in blocks of 5 or 10 which I recommend. Sessions for a gym setting start at £38 for a single session but also offer value packages for block bundles. 

Personal Training Gym sessions are based in South Queensferry Sports & Community Hub. 


I offer mobile PT. Therefore, we can train in the comfort on your own home or back garden or a mutual location such as the local park. If you would prefer a gym setting, I may be able to organise this but may have a small additional charge.  Please do get in touch if you would like to discuss. 

Small Group training or duet personal training can also be arranged. 


Pilates Private Sessions:

I also offer Priave Pilates sessions. These can be very beneficial if you have a particular issue and would benefit from more personal attention that a class would provide. 

This can be a great approach if you would like to build up to attending a class. 

Please feel free to get in touch should you wish to discuss. 


What Our Clients Say

Personal Training Client

Daire helped me get back into the gym after hurting my back earlier this year. She designed the program perfectly to prevent any further injury and pain but increasing strength and fitness I’d lost. I’ve now been doing the workouts for over a month. I’m starting to see real results and feel so much better in myself. Honestly cannot recommend Daire more she’s been so helpful in getting me back to the gym!. Would 100% recommend.
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