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Cyle Fit Classes (Spinning)

Join me for a 45min cycle class and experience the amazing benefits of an indoor cycle fit class (also known commonly as Spinning).

What is Cycle Fit? 

Cycle fit is a form of low impact group exercise performed on a static indoor bike. 

My cycle classes are designed to mimic the terrain we would find on an outdoor ride. We will conduct effective & safe classes and only do what we would do on a road bike, cycle! We will meet hills, challenge our muscular endurance & cardiovascular capacity with a flat road time trial and learn how to effectively & safely sprint to the finish line. Using systems such as intervals, time trials and learning how to get a fine balance between RPM (speed) & resistance to create effective challenges.

This class is suitable for every fitness level. I will help you get set up on the bike so you have an effective set up. You will be in control of your bike and most importantly resistance and so you can take the class at your own pace and as your fitness & confidence increases you can challenge yourself further. Therefore, it’s a great class to kick start fitness or a class to start back to if you have had a break for a while. Likewise, if you are a seasoned cyclist, you will be able to challenge yourself and maintain and even increase your bike fitness.
There are so many benefits to indoor cycle classes:
  • Aiding weight loss, if that is a goal:
  • Increasing lower body strength & power as well as aiding core strength and posture;
  • Cardiovascular fitness;
  • Lower impact on the joints then other forms of cardio;
  • Great for your mental well-being;
  • Increasing general fitness;
  • Increase your confidence on a bike:
  • Keep up your cycling over winter!
Monday & Wednesday at 545pm
Saturday 8am. 

Remember you will be in control of your bike, so you can appropriately challenge yourself and pace the class that feels best for you. 

I am an Indoor Cycling Institute Ambassador, meaning I uphold the most up to date best practice for indoor cycling and I do not include anything which is deemed inappropriate for a bike. We don't do anything we wouldn't do on a road bike! 


Cycle Fit Challenge

January Challenge

The colder & darker nights are upon us & I know it can become more difficult to stay active & keep up an exercise routine during these months. This is where our Cycle Fit Challenge comes in! Two classes per week for 6 weeks which will help you increase your fitness, strength, stamina. 

Great for all fitness levels & beginners are most welcome. This is a 6 week course, once you book, you reserved your bike for the entire course. This is also ideal for cyclists who are training for an event or looking to keep up their riding in winter. 

If you need more flexibility - you can purchase a flexible class pass. 

Days: Monday & Wednesday 5:45pm (45min class) 

Date: Starting Monday 9th January 

Course booking terms & conditions: 

This is a 6 week block. Missed classes are non refundable & cannot be credited. 

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